Telling Time Choice Board and Activities for 2nd Grade

NO-PREP, 2nd Grade Telling Time Enrichment Projects and Challenges
This telling time choice board is full of no-prep math challenges - perfect for 2nd grade math classes that need enrichment! Give early finishers the opportunity to explore these concepts in a deeper and meaningful way with this telling time math menu! These activities are perfect for your fast finishers and high flying students.

This math menu can be used as a tic-tac-toe board, and is full of 9 highly engaging and cross-curricular enrichment activities. A variety of activities are included - hands-on, writing, drawing, and so much more! To help make this a completely independent option for your students, there are printables included to accompany most activities. This provides more structure and guidance so that your small groups aren't being interrupted with questions!

Just print them as a pack at the beginning of your telling time unit, and give them to students to work on when they finish their center work. These are also great for math enrichment or gifted groups.