Addition Math Activity | Real World Math | Run an Ice Cream Truck


Looking for an engaging, differentiated, and challenging Summer math activity to enrich your students? This end of the year project based learning activity is a perfect math review and challenge for the last weeks of school. Students get to run their very own ice cream truck! Students will love getting to help customers add up their totals. You'll love the enriched math practice they get along the way! This is a great Summer math activity, perfect for your end of the year math plans!

This pack includes:

  • Teacher Tips and Instructions
  • Storefronts: Differentiated storefronts for the Ice Cream Truck. One menu uses two digit numbers, and one uses three digit numbers. Please note these are in money format.
  • Task Cards - Differentiated task cards. One set has students adding two or three sets of numbers. Another set has mixed operations of addition and subtraction.
  • Recording Sheet - One recording sheet & answer keys for all 4 combinations of activities
  • Ice Cream Truck Craftivity - Students will place their own order of 3 treats and find the total, and then take 5 classmates' orders and find their total. They can then decorate and name their very own ice cream truck!

*Since there are TWO differentiated menus and TWO differentiated task cards sets, you can MIX & MATCH the activities for your students. This activity can last you an entire week if you're going to use all four combinations of activities!*