Spring Math Activity | Money, Addition & Subtraction Project- Build a Bug Jar


Printable and Digital Spring Math Activity

This Spring math craft is an engaging and differentiated way to enrich your students! Students will work on counting coins, addition, subtraction, and word problems in this Spring math activity. They get to create their very own bug jar! Students will love getting to help shoppers count their money and make decisions on what they can and can't buy.

This includes a printable and digital version in Google Slides.


Teacher Tips and Instructions for teaching this pack

Counting coin task cards: Use as an informal assessment to place students for the rest of the project.

Bug Shop: Students help out other kids in the store while shopping for their bug jar. The included recording sheet includes thought-provoking questions that will have students counting coins, adding/subtracting money, and problem solving.

Bug Jar Shopping: Differentiated AND editable sheets are offered (you can set your own prices!). Students will shop for their bug jar on a budget (given by the teacher) and add/subtract money accordingly. Extension suggestions are included for this activity!

Bug Jar Craftivity: After students have done the math to shop for their bug jar, they have fun putting it all together!