Spring Math Activity | Addition Project- Build a Bug


Printable and Digital Spring Math Activity

This Spring math activity is an engaging and differentiated way to enrich your students! With this Spring math craft, students will practice adding with multiple addends and then design their own bug!

This includes a printable and digital version in Google Slides.


Teacher Tips & Instructions for teaching this pack

Bug Shop: Differentiated sheets are offered, as well as editable menus where you can set your own prices. There are two identical menus - one uses double digit numbers, and one uses triple digit numbers. Select which one is appropriate for your students to use for the rest of the activities.

Bug Value Task Cards: Students will find the value of 8 bugs by adding up the cost of their body parts. This is *challenging* - it's great for small group, early finishers or enrichment. Keep in mind students will be adding 3-5 numbers.

•Bug Parts Shopping: Students will fill out an order form as they select the parts to build their own bug.

Build Your Bug: After students have done the math to shop for their bug, they can put it together for a festive hallway display! B&W templates for all pieces are included.