Snow Day Math Project I After Winter Break Activity


Winter Math Project for Snow Days!

Looking for an engaging, differentiated, and challenging project-based learning task to enrich your students? This Winter math project is perfect for snow days or after winter break activity!

Students will love getting to work within a budget to plan their own snow day. You'll love the enriched math practice they get along the way! Send home with your students to complete during an actual snow day! Students will practice addition and subtraction while learning to work within a budget. They'll finish the project by creating a snow day journal to share all about their special snow day.

This includes both Printable & Digital versions for Google Slides.


Teacher Tips and Instructions

Engaging Letter: Get students excited about this project by putting the letter in an envelope and ripping it open along with students!

Brainstorming Page: Brainstorming sheet for students to think about snow days they have experienced or have read about in books/watched on t.v.

•Planning Menus: These menus display the prices for snow day activities and snacks - there are differentiated options included, and an editable version as well.

Planning Sheets: Differentiated planning sheets are included. Students will calculate the total they've spent and adjust their purchases to fit within a budget. They need to follow certain guidelines.

Reflection Questions: Reflection pages are included. Students will answer questions about what it was like working with a budget and what they might do differently next time.

Snow Day Diary: Students will cut and paste their activity and snack choices into their journal and will write all about their special day. This would be a great activity to share with classmates.


*You can differentiate this even further by setting different budgets for your students to work with.