Plan a Festival PBL Creative Pack


Have your kids loved planning their Fall or Spring Festival?! Extend the project with these creative packs! This is a great way to get them creatively thinking and writing about their festival.


Activities included for Fall Festival Creative Pack:

  • Design a Corn Maze: Students plan a theme for and design their corn maze.
  • Design the Booths: Design booths for the ticket stand and snack stand
  • Promoting the Festival: Students will create a social media post to promote the festival and convince people to come
  • Fall Festival Brochure: Create a brochure - complete with describing things to do, hours of operation, ticket prices, and more


Activities included for Spring Festival Creative Pack:

  • Create a Poster: Students will get the town excited for their Spring fest by creating a poster to be displayed around the community.
  • Design the Booths: Design the snack stand and ticket booth for your Spring festival.
  • Promoting the Festival: Students will create an Instagram post advertising the Spring festival and persuading people to come.
  • Silly Spring Snacks: Students will create a fun spring snack to serve at their Spring festival.
  • Photo Booth Fun: Students show which props their festival friends used while in the photo booth.