Place Value Printables | Place Value Project


Digital & Printable Place Value Activity

This math project is perfect for your place value and number sense unit! These printables provide practice with a twist as students help run racecar races and see some real-world connections with their learning. This project is great for your math centers, as students can work independently and at their own pace. This is completely differentiated for you already, as well!

This includes both Printable & Digital versions for Google Slides.


Teacher Tips and Instructions

Dividing the Racers: Divide the racers into two different races, based on if their car numbers are even or odd.

Practice Laps: Count racers' practice laps by skip counting by ones, fives, tens, and hundreds.

•Racer Numbers: Show racers' numbers in expanded and word form.

The Qualifier: Compare racers' speeds using greater than, less than, or equal to symbols to show who will move on to the big race.

Finding the Winner: Put racers' final times in order from least to greatest and crown the winner.

Create a Race Track: Use base ten manipulatives to build race tracks of a certain value.

*All pieces of this project come with differentiated options for 2-digit or 3-digit numbers!