Place Value Activities | Place Value Worksheets | Standard, Expanded & Word Form



Are you looking for some new and engaging activities to spice up your place value unit?! Your students will have so much FUN with these detective themed place value activities, games, and printables. Your second graders will love these hands-on and interactive lessons.

Students will master number forms such as standard form, expanded form, word form, and base-ten blocks, as well as comparing numbers and mentally adding and subtracting ten.

This activity pack includes:

  • 5 Task Card Sets - 10 more/10 less, 100 more/100 less, Comparing Numbers, Identifying Base Ten Blocks, Number Forms (standard/expanded/word forms)
  • BUMP Partner Game - Standard, Expanded, Word Forms
  • Hundreds Chart Puzzles
  • Place Value Puzzles - Standard, Expanded, Word Forms
  • Design a Trap Hands on Activity - Students create a trap to catch the number villain using base ten blocks. There are different challenges they must meet as they build the traps.
  • Car Chase Craftivity - Students create a building or skyline out of base ten blocks.
  • Place Value Mystery Powerpoint - Students help solve the case of the missing numbers by solving place value riddles on a powerpoint slide. They then use a secret code to find out the name of the villain who took them!
  • Printables - 18 different printables reviewing various place value skills, perfect for homework, assessments, or math centers.