Non-Fiction Reading Response Choice Boards


Do you struggle to hold students accountable during independent reading centers?! These nonfiction choice boards are full of engaging, creative reading response activities that your students will actually LOVE! You'll love them too, because they also promote higher order thinking!

Each choice board or reading menu contains 9 highly engaging reading response activities. There are 3 different boards, which means there are a total of 27 different choices! Some examples of activities include creating an informational poster or brochure, turning the nonfiction book into a short fiction story, and assigning emojis to how you felt while reading. There are some more traditional activities as well, such as identify text features, make a connection between yourself and the book, and conduct further research on a topic.

To help make this a completely independent option for your students, there are printables included to accompany all of the activities. This provides more structure and guidance so that your small groups aren't being interrupted with questions! However, none of the activities require the printables - they can all be completed in student journals or with computer paper. This makes it a great homework option as well!