Money & Coins Project - Run a Bakery


Digital & Printable Money & Coins Activity

This math project is perfect for your money and coins unit! These printables provide practice with a twist as students run their own bakery and see some real-world connections with their learning. This project is great for your math centers, as students can work independently and at their own pace. This is completely differentiated for you already, as well!

This includes both Printable & Digital versions for Google Slides.


  • Teacher Tips and Instructions
  • Purchasing Supplies: Shop for the supplies they need and shop the coins they'll need to purchase them.
  • My Menu: Create a menu and make up prices for their bakery.
  • Taking Orders: Add up customers' orders using their own menu and draw the coins customers could use to pay for their order. They can also take orders from classmates!
  • My Bakery Sales: Count the coins they've received from customers and write the total.
  • My Weekly Sales: Show bills and coins to represent their sales from the week.
  • My Bakery Sales: Solve word problems that have to do with shopping at the bakery.

*All pieces of this project come with differentiated options!