Measurement Project | Measurement Activities - Build a Town


Let your students work together with this Collaborative Class Project, perfect for reviewing your measurement unit! Students will work together to build a town, all while following certain measurement instructions. This is a great project for the end of your measurement unit or an end of the year math project!

Each student will be responsible for building one of the buildings in the town. They'll follow the directions on their sheet to build it using specific measurements. Once students have completed their buildings you'll add them all to the hallway, a white board, or butcher paper to create a town! As an extension, students can even measure each other's buildings.


  • 30 different building half-sheets
  • Recording sheets for students to record the measurements of their building
  • Measuring Around Town recording sheets for students to measure the other buildings in the town
  • "Measuring Around Town" poster to add to your display!