Math Mission: Graphing Escape Room


This is the complete bundle of 2nd grade Math Missions - these are similar to escape rooms, but are no-prep for you! Just pull up the Powerpoint and hit GO! These are a great review for second grade math units and standards.


What are Math Missions?

Math missions are an escape room style game, but are created to be super easy to implement in the classroom! Each math mission centers around a 2nd grade math topic. Students will complete 6 challenges to accomplish each mission. Each challenge has 6-12 math problems for students to solve to move onto the next piece.

How does this work?
There is a Powerpoint included that has the 6 challenges laid out for students. Show the Powerpoint on a Smartboard or computer, and this can guide students as they move through the mission. Students can use the accompanying printables or work on whiteboards!


How will I use it?

  • Whole Group: Use this as a review for a math unit - show the Powerpoint on your Smartboard or computer, and let students work in partners, groups, or individually to complete the mission. Students can use printables or whiteboards!
  • Small Group: This can be 1-2 week's worth of small group plans during a math unit. You can work on this with small groups of students in small groups as you teach each skill and move through the unit.
  • Independently: Let students work on the challenges independently as a math center as you move through a math unit - you can assign the Powerpoint to them individually or display a challenge for the day on the Smartboard.


What do I get?

  • A Powerpoint that includes all mission and challenge information to display for students
  • Printable student work booklet
  • Math craft to top of the unit!