March Math Warm-Ups for 2nd Grade - St. Patricks Math Activities


March Math Warm-Ups for 2nd Grade

These March Math Warm-Ups provide 25 daily prompts of St. Patrick's-themed, meaningful challenges to kick off your math block! These number talks are perfect for getting students thinking and talking about math strategies, mental math, spiral review, and more!

This is a PowerPoint file that can be projected to a screen or board, or used digitally with students during distance learning!

When can I use Math Warm-Ups?

Use Math Warm-Ups to kick off your whole-group math instruction, intervention time, guided math groups, or as a math center.

How do I use Math Warm-Ups?

Give students 2-3 minutes to read the prompt, think about it, and solve the problem. Then let students turn and talk to a partner about how they solved it, or what they think. Then, you lead a class discussion to hear from students about different strategies they used, or road blocks they may have run into! It's a GREAT learning experience to incorporate into your daily math block!


 You'll get 25 daily prompts to use for the month of March, more than enough to get you through the month!