Manage a Sports Team PBL Creative Pack


Have your kids loved managing their own sports team?! Extend the project with this creative pack! This is a great way to get them creatively thinking and writing about team.


Activities included:

 My Sports Team: Students will decide on a name, slogan, and team colors, and will create a logo for their sports team.

 Designing Pennants : Students will design 2 pennants for their sports team using their team colors.

 Create a Mascot: Students will create a new mascot by combining animal body parts. Then, they will draw and name their fun mascot.

 Game Day Snack Shack: Students will create a snack to serve at their sports game. Students will name, draw, describe, and come up with a price for their snack.

 Writing a Proposal: Students will write a persuasive letter to their principal asking for more money for their sports team.