Fall Place Value Activity and Enrichment - Build a Scarecrow


This Fall place value activity and scarecrow craft is a fun way for students to practice place value and number forms! Students will love getting to work through the task card sets - they're working at a scarecrow shop to stuff scarecrows. They need to travel to the task cards and record the number they see in its different forms - standard, word, base ten, and expanded. This includes a printable and digital version in Google Slides.

There are TWO sets of DIFFERENTIATED task cards! The first set shows a number in standard, word, base ten, or expanded form, and students must record the number all four ways. The second set has students solve a challenging riddle to find the number, and then record it all four ways. All task cards look identical with the clipart, use the same recording sheet, and produce the same answers. Perfect for whole group differentiating, or small group of course!

The unit will culminate with a place value scarecrow craft - students will record a number in all four forms on the arms and legs of the scarecrow. Two versions are included - one large version for students to put together, or a quick one-page print and go version!

*The digital version only contains digital sets of the task cards. It does not contain the place value scarecrow craft at this time.


  • Teacher Tips and Instructions
  • Task Card Sets: Two differentiated task card sets - one that includes the standard, word, base ten, and expanded form of a number, and one that includes a challenging riddle for students to solve.
  • Scarecrow Craft: Large version and one-page version included.