Fall Math Addition & Subtraction Activity | Build a Scarecrow


This Fall math activity is a fun way to practice addition and subtraction skills! This scarecrow craft is full of math content - students will review addition and subtraction skills with 4 sets of task cards. Students will love shopping at the Scarecrow Shop to build their own scarecrow, and helping other customers add up their totals!



  • Teacher Tips and Instructions
  • Storefronts: Differentiated storefronts for the Scarecrow Shop. One menu uses two digit numbers, and one uses three digit numbers. Please note these are in money format.
  • Task Cards - Differentiated task cards. One set has students adding two or three sets of numbers. Another set has mixed operations of addition and subtraction.
  • Recording Sheet - One recording sheet & answer keys for all 4 combinations of activities
  • Scarecrow Craftivity - Students will shop at the Scarecrow Shop to purchase parts to build their scarecrow. They can use either of the menus, and there are differentiated ordering sheets provided. Set a budget to provide an extra challenge to students! 

*Since there are TWO differentiated menus and TWO differentiated task cards sets, you can MIX & MATCH the activities for your students. This activity can possibly last you an entire week if you're going to use all four combinations of activities!*