ELA & Writing PBL Project - Run for Town Mayor


This ELA project will have your students practicing real-world reading and writing skills while having a BLAST! They get to run for MAYOR of their town, while spiraling and practicing several reading and writing skills along the way! This is a great ELA project based learning (PBL) task that your students will beg to work on!


This is an engaging project that would be perfect for your enrichment groups and fast finishers. The preview includes a glimpse of several of the pages in the pack. It also includes both Printable & Digital Google Slides versions.


•What Does a Mayor Do?: Students research what a mayor is and what their job entails.

•Campaign Speech: Students will write a persuasive speech to tell voters why they'll make a good a mayor and what they will do when elected.

•Stop the Littering: Students will write an informative speech to give on the local news channel about why people shouldn't litter and what they can do to help.

•A Booming Billboard: Students will plan and design a billboard for the highway that will persuade visitors to stop in their town and visit for the day.

•School Uniform Speech: Students will write an opinionated speech on whether students should be required to wear school uniforms or not.

•Describing the Town: Students write descriptive and juicy sentences about the town's businesses for the town's website.

•Creating Laws: Students will brainstorm three problems in their town and create three laws to solve those problems.

•Research & Report: Students read articles about Flying Cars and Subways and compare and contrast the benefits of each. Double bubble map and Venn diagram templates are included. They'll then decide which to bring to their town, and back up their decision with facts from the articles.

•Job Applications: Students use context clues to read job openings and choose the best applicant for them.

•Write Your Mayor: As a culminating activity, students can write a letter to the real mayor of their town thanking them and providing any suggestions on how to improve their town.