ELA & Writing PBL Project - Run an Animal Shelter


Digital and Printable ELA & Writing Project

This ELA project will have your students practicing real-world reading and writing skills while having a BLAST! They get to run their own animal shelter, while spiraling and practicing several reading and writing skills along the way! This is a great ELA project based learning (PBL) task that your students will beg to work on!


This is an engaging project that would be perfect for your enrichment groups and fast finishers. The preview includes a glimpse of several of the pages in the pack. It also includes both Printable & Digital Google Slides versions.



•Why Should You Adopt?: Students research the benefits of adopting a pet, and write an opinionated letter to their new boss about why everyone should adopt a pet.

•Adopt Me!: Students put their persuasive writing skills to the test as they fill out animals' tags for their cages. The tags should persuade families to adopt the pet.

•Spread Awareness: Students design a slogan and poster to promote their animal shelter and persuade people to come visit.

•Create a Brochure: Students create an informational brochure to send home with families and their new pet. The brochure requires students to research different aspects of pet care and create the brochure with this information.

•Describing the Animals: Students write descriptive and juicy sentences about the animals for the shelter's websites.

•Research & Report: Students research pets with high needs and low needs and compare and contrast the two. Double bubble map and Venn diagram templates are included.

•Adoption Applications: Students use context clues to read people's applications and choose the best pet for them.

•Hosting a Dog Wash: The shelter is hosting a dog wash as a fundraiser. Students must write the procedural steps on how to wash a dog.

•Plan a Donation Drive: As a culminating activity, students can plan areal donation drive for their local animal shelter.