Easter Math Activity & Craft


Printable and Digital Easter Math Activity

This Easter math craft is an engaging and differentiated way to enrich your students! Students will work on counting coins, addition, subtraction, and word problems in this Easter math activity. They get to create their very own Easter basket! Students will love getting to help shoppers count their money and make decisions on what they can and can't buy. You'll love the enriched math practice they get along the way! This is a great math activity for March and April!

This includes a printable and digital version in Google Slides.


Teacher Tips and Instructions

Storefronts: Differentiated & editable storefronts for the Basket store. One menu uses two digit numbers, and one uses three digit numbers.

Task Cards - These can be used as a stand alone activity, and/or with the challenging recording sheets. (Please note the recording sheet questions can only be used with the easier version of the menu.)

Recording Sheet - This isn't your ordinary recording sheet! Students will count the coins on task cards, but also answer challenging word problems that require lots of addition and subtraction! There is also a simple recording sheet provided where students simply record the money amount on the task cards.

Easter Basket Craftivity - Students will use an order form to shop for their baskets and accessories, and then create their very own Easter basket to display!