Early Finisher Activities and Choice Boards - Seasonal Bundle!

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These choice boards for early finishers are a fun and meaningful way to keep students engaged and working! These can be used for year round morning work, homework, fast finishers, or enrichment. They provide the perfect mix of challenges and fun! This BUNDLE contains the 4 seasonal choice boards - Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer.

Each menu can be used as a tic-tac-toe board, and is full of 9 highly engaging and cross-curricular enrichment activities. A variety of activities are included - hands-on, writing, drawing, math, reading, and so much more!

To help make this a completely independent option for your students, there are printables included to accompany most of the activities. This provides more structure and guidance so that your small groups aren't being interrupted with questions! However, none of the activities require the printables - they can all be completed in student journals or with computer paper.

There are also two different menus included for each set - one requires students to have access to technology, and one does not!