Digital Winter Games and Activities | Virtual Winter Party


This bundle of digital Winter games and activities can be used in digitally OR in the classroom! They make a super fun digital Winter party for your class, or use them as special winter activities in December or January for Fun Fridays! These can also make a great digital holiday party, if you can't celebrate Christmas in your classroom.

⭐ These activities can be done through distance learning over live video calls with students OR used in a classroom!
⭐ If you're using through distance learning, some of these can be done without live video calls, but they would be the most fun if you can all play together!
⭐ These are all no-prep activities and games!
⭐ These are meant to be games that can be done in 15-30 minutes.


  • 6 different whole-class games (see the preview)
  • Printable & Digital Photo Booth Props
  • 1 Winter Fun slide for students to explore on their own - leads to Winter games, videos, and activities (like building an online snowman!)
  • Teacher Guide with ideas on how to play the games with your class
  • Editable invitations to post in your digital classroom with dates & times of your video meetings
  • Printable Winter decor to make a festive backdrop for your virtual conferencing area