Create a Board Game - Creative Project for any subject


Students will love this creative project! Students can create their own board game for any Math or ELA topic. This is a great enrichment activity or end of the year project. Once students have created their board games, you can have a Board Game day where they get to play each other's games and review tons of different skills!


  • Expectations Sheet
  • Board Game Planning Sheet
  • Board Game Directions Template
  • Feedback Form
  • 6 Game Board Options
  • Playing Card Templates
  • Numbered Dice
  • Blank Dice
  • Spinners (3 options)
  • Tokens (2 options)
  • Play money
  • All templates come in both color and blackline options!


You can use this as a center, enrichment activity, or end of the year project. Let students work individually or in partners to create a board game about a math or ELA topic. Once students have created their game, let them rotate and play each other's board games. They can leave feedback on the feedback form provided! Students will love getting to be creative and will review tons of skills at the same time!