Build a Monster Valentine Bag - A Valentines Day Math Activity


Printable and Digital Valentines Math - Valentines Mailbox Activity

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and I'm sure your kiddos are already asking you about making their valentines mailboxes!! Why not tie in some math standards while your students design their mailbox?! Let them have fun while practicing adding and subtracting money!

This pack is differentiated so you can meet the needs of all of your students! There are two different menus of monster parts - they look identical except for the prices. One offers two digit numbers (Ex: 56 cents), and the other offers three digit numbers (Ex: $1.28). Students will use the menus to choose their monster parts for their valentine mailbox. You can set a budget for them to stay within for a challenge, or just let them buy all their little monster hearts desire! *NOW EDITABLE!* You can differentiate the prices for your students yourself, in case the numbers I've provided are too easy or difficult! :)

You can even have your students practice counting the money by giving them a handful of coins to have them "pay" for their monster parts. Students will love getting to take turns being the shopkeeper and customer.

Do you teach Kindergarten or 1st grade? There are Roll a Monster menus included that don't involve money. Students roll a dice to determine the parts they will get for their monster bag.


•Teacher Directions & Suggestions

•Differentiated Monster Menus (2)

•Editable Monster Menus

•Differentiated Recording Sheets - Budget and No Budget

•Roll a Dice Menus for younger students

•Monster Pieces

•Now includes a DIGITAL version in Google Slides!