Become a Rockstar PBL Math Project


This math PBL project will have your students practicing real-world math applications while having a BLAST! This project-based learning task is a great extension and enrichment activity for your early finishers. This project allows them to become a famous rockstar! They must make several decisions about their band, practicing several common core math standards along the way. Students will love pretending to be a rockstar, and you will love the enriched math practice they get along the way.


This pack would be great for enriching second graders, perfect for third graders, and even a great review for upper grades! This is perfect for an end-of-the-year cumulative or spiral math project!


This product is DIFFERENTIATED for you and your students, and includes U.S., Australian, and Canadian versions!! It also includes both Printable & DigitalGoogle Slides versions.



•Selecting a band: Students use addition/subtraction within 100 or 1,000 (differentiated) to hire their bandmates.

•Naming the Band: Students brainstorm 5 potential band names and survey their classmates on their favorite names. They'll create a bar graph and answer questions about the data.

•The Tour Bus: Students measure furniture task cards with an inch ruler to be able to set up their tour bus. They'll design a layout of their tour bus. (cm option included)

•Band Schedule: Students write out a schedule for the band to follow, including interviews, rehearsals, photoshoots, etc. Differentiated to include time to the half-hour and quarter-hour, uses elapsed time.

•Merchandise Table: Students help fans purchase souvenirs from the merch table at their concert. They'll help them count their money and make decisions on what they can and can't buy. Addition and subtraction are also heavily practiced in this activity.

•Our Hit Song: Students played a new song at their concert and must look at how fans reacted - they'll travel to task cards and record the number of fans who enjoyed and didn't enjoy the song.