Become a Rockstar PBL Creative Pack


Have your kids loved becoming a rockstar?! Extend the project into ELA by having your students write a hit song for their new band! This is a great way to get them creatively thinking and writing in a different way.


Activities included:

  • My Rockstar Band: Students will write out their band name they chose while working through their PBL. They will then create a slogan and logo for their band.
  • Concert Program: Students will create a program to give show attendees. They will introduce their band members by drawing a picture and writing a brief description including where they are from and their favorite instrument. They will also design some free concert tickets.
  • Design a Band T-Shirt: Students will design a t-shirt to sell at their first concert. Students will also decide on a price for them..
  • Write a Song: Students will brainstorm and create their own song to play during their first live performance.