Addition & Subtraction Differentiated Numberless Word Problems


10 numberless addition and subtraction word problems

Help your students master math problem solving with these numberless booklets! These are no prep, and are ready to print and go. They're perfect for morning work, math warm ups, small group, centers, and more!

This freebie edition contains 10 one-step word problems that are mixed addition and subtraction. Each problem is only one-step. Here is an example word problem from the pack:

Jamie’s favorite instrument is the flute. Jamie already knew ________ songs. She learned ________ songs from her band teacher. How many more songs does Jamie know in all?

•Cover Pages for the booklets
•Word Problem Strategy & Key Words pages
•20 Numberless Word Problems, with plenty of space to show work
•Additional "Explain Your Work" & "Write your own problem" Pages
•Powerpoint version - edit the numbers, and display for students
•Google Slides version - edit the numbers, and assign to students


All word problems in the pack contain blank spaces instead of numbers - this makes it easy to DIFFERENTIATE for your students. Whether your students still need help with single-digit numbers, or your advanced learners need enrichment with triple-digit numbers, you can reach them all easily with this pack!