2-Digit Regrouping Addition & Subtraction Project - Movie Theater


Digital & Printable Addition & Subtraction Activity

This math project is perfect for your 2-Digit Addition & Subtraction unit! These printables provide practice with a twist as students run their own movie theater and see some real-world connections with their learning. This project is great for your math centers, as students can work independently and at their own pace. This is completely differentiated for you already, as well!

This includes both Printable & Digital versions for Google Slides.


Teacher Tips and Instructions

The Ticket Booth: Students will add up the cost of customers' ticket orders.

Collecting Tickets: Students will subtract the number of tickets sold from the theater capacity to see how many seats are left.

•Concession Stand: Students will work at a concession stand and add up customers' orders.

Concession Combos: Students will find the total of new concession combos, using 3 addends.

Movie Theater Makeover: Students will work in a budget to shop for items to update their movie theater.

Movie Theater Problems: Students solve 1 and 2-step word problems.

*All pieces of this project come with differentiated options!